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Tripping Circuit Breakers? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Your electrical panel is where the main power line from outside a home enters and is routed throughout the electrical system inside your home. Inside the electrical panel is a series of circuit breakers. Circuit breakers have built in safety features that shut off power or “trip” when there’s an electrical problem.

A breaker may trip in the kitchen when you run your microwave and a blender at the same time. Or, you may trip a breaker when you plug in a space heater. The tripping breaker means the circuit is overloaded. If you’re resetting breakers a few times a week, when you used to reset them only few times a year, then the circuit breaker is warning you that it needs repairs.

You May Have a Bad Circuit Breaker and Not Even Know It!

Here are a few warning signs that can help you identify a bad circuit breaker:

  • Breakers trip often and without any real cause.
  • They feel hot to the touch.
  • They’re making buzzing sounds.
  • If you smell a bitter odor from the panel, or notice charring around the circuit breakers, you’ve probably had a fire in the panel.

Electrical panels and circuit breakers that are more than 30 years old should be inspected to make they are still operating safely. If you’re not sure if your electric system is safe, call PowerHouse Home Services right away for a safety inspection.

PRO TIP: Circuit breakers should only be replaced by a trained electrician. The likelihood of electrocution is very high. Call PowerHouse Home Services. Safety first!

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