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Free Home Safety Inspection

Did you know that one of the biggest causes of home fire dangers within could potentially be in your attic and walls? Many of the home electrical fires that occur annually are completely preventable. One of the biggest things you can do to ensure your home is safe from a fire is have a free home electrical safety check to ensure your home has a properly functioning electrical system and components.

Becoming SWFL’s leading home electrical service provider is only part of our goal, the other half is to become the leading home protection provider in town. That is why here at PowerHouse we offer Free Home Safety Inspections with every single service call we go to. We always inspect your electrical system with a fine tooth comb to ensure there are no potential challenges you as a homeowner may face.

Electrical fire danger is posed by the following:

  • Outdated wiring
    Many homes throughout South West Florida were wired previous to 1970 and many of them were wired using cloth coated wiring. The issue with this type of wire is that over time, wire heats and cools, causing the insulation under the cloth to eventually crack, revealing the metal that carries the electricity to the cloth sheathing. A simple arc between conductors can cause the cloth coating to burn causing a fire in your attic and/or walls. If your home is built before 1970 or you suspect you may have electrical issues, call today for a free home electrical safety inspection.
  • Aluminum wiring
    From before early to mid 80’s, many contractors tried saving money by installing inexpensive and low quality aluminum wiring in many homes. Aluminum wiring does not carry electricity nearly as well as copper does, leading it to become a big risk for home electrical fires. If your home is built before 1985 or you suspect you may have electrical issues or aluminum wiring, call today for a Free Home Electrical Safety Inspection.
  • Backstabbed Outlets
    Backstabbed outlets are an issue that could potentially impact homes both old and new. Back stabbing an outlet is a much faster way to wire an outlet. It is essentially jabbing the wire into the little holes in the back of the receptacle rather than wrapping the wire around the screw and tightening it down around the screw. Backstabbing receptacles can leave the wire loose, where there is a loose connection is where you get heat. 30% of home electrical fires are caused by and start in the receptacles. If you have receptacles that seem to not be functioning properly, call PowerHouse today for a Free Home Electrical Safety Check.
  • Overloaded Outlets
    If you need extension cords and multiple power strips to give you enough outlets, you may be putting your home at risk. Outlets in homes are only rated to have so much power plugged into them. Overloading them may cause an electrical fire. Call PowerHouse today if extensions cords are needed for day to day living in your home.

Many people feel reluctant to call for an electrical safety inspection because they thought that it would be an all day event, and many of our customers admit they felt the same way, but what the customers find time and time again is that the electrical safety inspection is completed in an efficient manner and gives them peace of mind knowing they had a skilled electrician evaluating their home’s electrical system ensuring they don’t have any electrical issues.

PowerHouse offers an electrical safety inspection as part of every service call, at no additional cost to you. Call us at 844.671.7938 or schedule an appointment online.

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