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whole home standby Generators



You will have guaranteed power for all your major appliances, including your heating and air conditioning system, water heater, refrigerator/freezer, sump pump, garage door opener and more. Keeping the power on in your home during an outage also means keeping your home security system armed and your smart phones and laptops charged.


Our whole house generators automatically disconnect your house or building from the utility lines when the power fails. Isolating you from the utility during power failure protects you and your electronic devices from violent power surges, spikes, and brownouts.


This treatment protects your home from the damage and potential expensive biological growth issues that can occur due to extended power outages and short power outages over time.


Having a generator affords our clients peace of mind by ensuring their loved ones are safe during times of emergency.

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what’s the difference?

Portable Vs. Whole Home

Portable Generator

Portable Generators

Portable generators must be manually turned on and plugged in, and can provide power to 8-10 circuits in your home. These generators are an excellent choice if your goal is to power small appliances and lights. They can run on either gasoline or diesel fuel, depending on your preference. Portable generators, typically priced between $400-$1000, are much cheaper than standby generators. They are a good option if you typically experience only short or infrequent power outages and don’t want to invest in a home standby generator. Drawbacks of portable generators include that they must be manually refueled during a power outage, they require regular manual maintenance to maintain, and they cannot be monitored remotely. Portable generators will not automatically supply power to your home in the event of an outage, because they must be manually turned on. Portable generators are capable of powering a few appliances, but they do not have the capacity to power your entire home.

Whole Home Generators

Whole Home Generators

Whole-home standby generators are hard-wired into your home and automatically begin to supply backup power as soon as the electricity goes out. These generators have the capacity to power your whole home indefinitely. They automatically detect power outages and switch on to supply backup power to your home with no manual set-up required from you. They require less hands-on maintenance, as they can be monitored remotely, and they do not require refueling, since they can run off your natural gas line. Whole-home generators are typically priced between $3,000-$10,000, depending on the size of your home and number of appliances within it. While standby generators can be pricey, they are a good investment in your home, and can increase the total value of your home by 150%.

to get a hold of us right away, please give us a call at 844.671.7938

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At PowerHouse Home Service, we will always do our best to make any situation right. We do not preach perfection, we stand behind our mistakes.
Here are three Guarantees you can count on from us:

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