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Unfortunately, for the average homeowner, troubleshooting electrical issues can be a very difficult task. From running electrical lines into your home to a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI), working with electricity can be dangerous. It requires proper precautions to prevent electrocution, ruining electronics, or even starting electrical fires. In these cases, electrical obstacles require contacting a licensed electrician immediately to troubleshoot and repair the problem to prevent a bigger issue from occurring.

Many times, electrical fires and very expensive repair bills can be prevented if the customer just contacts a skilled electrician when they first notice the problem. So, we have tied together a list of what homeowners and commercial customers should look out for when faced with an electrical problem.

If you notice any of the following, you may require an emergency service call:

  • Hot metal or plastic melting smells
    Wire and electrical components are made of plastic and various types of metal. Oftentimes, customers will describe what they smell as an “odd hot plastic” type smell. If you smell any type of burning plastic or hot metal smell, turn off any breakers where the smell is radiating from and then call 911 to have the fire department check for an electrical fire. Do not use any electrical components until the problem has been resolved.
  • Smoke or sparks coming from electrical components
    If you notice at any point sparks coming from a receptacle or any other electrical component, discontinue use, turn off breaker, and call 911 to make sure there is not an electrical fire. Once cleared, call an emergency electrician for repair.
  • Water Damage
    If you have experienced a flood or other water damage, it is best to call an emergency electrician to evaluate the problem and turn off power to areas that may have been affected.
  • Hot devices, cords, or other devices
    Electrical components are designed to manage heat. In fact, the National Electrical Code that electricians go by is also called the NFPA 70. NFPA stands for “National Fire Protection Association.” Electrical equipment is designed to manage heat. If you feel that electrical components are hot to the touch, this means there is a problem. The circuit should be shut off, and not used until it is repaired.
  • Buzzing
    Electrical equipment is designed to allow electricity to “flow” through the circuit. When electricity flows it causes heat which electrical circuits are designed to take. However, poorly maintained or older electrical equipment can breakdown or start to “come apart” over time. When this happens electricity will start to “arc” which is when you will hear buzzing. Buzzing electrical components can often be a serious matter and you should contact and emergency electrician immediately.
  • Electrical devices that show signs of being burnt
    If there is a dark brown or dark-colored burn mark on a receptacle or other electrical component, this means there is a problem. Discontinue use, turn off breaker, and call an emergency electrician for service.

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