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Water Filtration

Wouldn’t it be nice to do away with bottled water in the fridge? Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel refreshed instead of dry after getting out of the shower?

Water filtration systems make water delicious, more enjoyable, and also help protect the plumbing appliances throughout your home!

The majority of our customers here in southwest Florida are not here year round. The one thing we hear constantly is “Florida water is weird.” Southwest Florida water is completely safe to drink and has been treated so that you can not get any harmful contaminants. However, this does not make it delicious.

One common thing that customers are noticing is the chlorine that is added to our water as well as other minerals. The chlorine is what dries you out and the other array of minerals may give it that “off” taste or smell many of our customers complain about. A home water filtration system removes the chlorine as well as other minerals. Our customers find that the system quickly pays for itself.

Learn About The Types of Water Filtration Systems We Offer Here

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3 Types of Water Filtration Systems

Point of Use System

Point of Use Systems are an inexpensive option that is installed at the faucet or fixture it will treat, so it will only treat the water coming out of the faucet it is attached to.

Whole Home Filtration Systems

Whole Home Filtration Systems are attached at the water main and protect not only you, but also your entire plumbing system. Oftentimes, customers notice their appliances such as fridges, washing machines, and water heaters are lasting longer and performing better than before.

Whole Home Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis systems are another method of producing clear, healthy water. Reverse osmosis systems are a multi-step filter process, producing purified water. Water passes through the activated carbon filter to remove sediment then through a semipermeable membrane to remove remaining dirt and particles, and lastly the water passes through another activated carbon filter to remove tastes and odors, creating tasty, clean water for your enjoyment.

to get a hold of us right away, please give us a call at 844.671.7938

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