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whole home standby Generators


Installation of your new whole home automatic standby generator is not a DYI project. You may be tempted to install one on your own to save some money, but the trade offs could end up being expensive, time consuming and dangerous.

A whole home automatic generator installed by the generator experts at PowerHouse Home Services will assure that you and your family are safe, protected from the elements and your daily routine is never interrupted. We know all the tricks, tips and safety requirements that will assure your new generator will be there when you need it and run at peak efficiently.

We never Take Shortcuts When It Comes to Safety and Reliability

  • We Pull the Electrical Permit
  • We Handle Permits for HOAs
  • We Perform the Work to Electrical Code
  • We Guarantee Your New Automatic Generator Will Pass Any Electrical Inspection

PowerHouse Home Services Custom Sizes Your Generator

Shopping at the big box store for a generator can be an unending maze of unanswered questions and bad advice. They’ll always try to sell you more than you need and are probably not even aware of the transfer switch, electrical panel and installation requirements.

We size the generator to you and your family; not a one-size-fits-all approach. Our generator experts take into account dozens of specifications to calculate the estimated wattage needed to run your home. We consider everything from the A/C and furnace to the refrigerator, TVs, computers, garage door opener, water heater, washing machine and even your electric vehicle.

It will be an exciting day when the PowerHouse Home Services truck pulls up in front of your house to install your new whole home automatic standby generator. That’s because you’ll have confidence in knowing your team of installers and electricians have been thoroughly trained and have carefully planned out everything down to the smallest detail. You may even want to put out a lawn chair or two to watch!

Quality Installation. Backup Power You Never Have to Think About.

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which generator brand is best for my home?

Generac Vs. Cummins

Generac Generators

Generac has a long history as the top-selling brand of home backup generators. Founded in 1959, they have been manufacturing generators for over 60 years, including portable, residential, commercial and industrial generators. Generac Generators are excellent in quality, are generally more affordable than other brands, and carry the largest selection of home generators.


  • Less than 5% total harmonic distortion, which means your appliances will run smoothly and your sensitive electronics and appliances will be protected from overheating and overloading.
  • Quiet-Test™ Self-Test Mode runs the generator more slowly during a five or twelve minute test, making generators quieter and more efficient.
  • G-Force Engine, a pressure-lubricated engine, is durable and produces reliable backup power for your home. Generac generators require less routine maintenance than any competitive engine.
  • 24/7/365 customer service is available from Generac headquarters in Wisconsin.
  • RhinoCoat™ powder-coated finish reduces corrosion and protects your generator during adverse weather conditions.
  • Generac’s Evolution™ Controller features a multilingual LCD display where you can monitor battery and maintenance intervals.

Cummins Generators

Cummins is a well-known brand that manufactures a variety of products in addition to home-backup generators. Founded in 1919, Cummins prides itself in producing high-quality products. While Cummins generators are typically more expensive, they are known for their excellent quality, durability, efficiency, and compact design.


  • Cummins generators can be installed as close as 18 inches to your home, due to compact size, safety ratings, and quiet design.
  • Flexible Exercise Modes, which are required to run diagnostics and maintain the generator, can be set for your preferred time, date, and frequency. There is also a ‘Crank only’ exercise mode that can run diagnostics without starting the generator engine, which increases the generator’s life and makes it even quieter.
  • Intelligent Load Management is integrated into each genset. This technology continuously monitors how much power is required for your appliances, and only powers the appliances the generator has amperage capacity to run. This technology can allow you to invest in a smaller generator because it has the ability to turn equipment on and off based on household demand, and will power equipment off as necessary to prevent itself from overloading and shutting down.
  • Cummin’s QuietConnect™ series are quieter than other home standby generators, with sound insulated enclosures and 65dB or lower noise levels.

to get a hold of us right away, please give us a call at 844.671.7938

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Our Guarantees

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Our Guarantees To You

At PowerHouse Home Service, we will always do our best to make any situation right. We do not preach perfection, we stand behind our mistakes.
Here are three Guarantees you can count on from us:

  1. We stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  2. If you did not receive a price for your work before we began, your project or service is free.
  3. If our technician does not wear booties inside your home, your service is free.
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